Glorious Gothamtide!

Photo: Brooke Slezak. Cover photo: Michael Vadon., December 2, Rockefeller Center, New York City.

Sibyl McCormac Groff — often referred to as Queen Santa, The Lady in Red, The Elf and The Spirited New Yorker — is a highly acclaimed licensed New York City tour guide and cultural historian. Her expertise includes architecture, artwork and history of Rockefeller Center, midtown Manhattan and New York City in general.

Currently a Rockefeller Center historian and tour guide, she began leading NBC architectural tours in 2001 and coined the expression, Gothamtide, to describe the secular and universal holiday traditions that have historically been associated with New York City. She leads Christmas holiday walking tours from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve.

However, in lieu of tours, and with effort to keep New Yorkers and tourists safe, Queen Santa will scout out seasonal events and decorations and post her recommendations and findings in Email newsletters, Instagram, and Facebook.

A New York Christmas Ho-ho-ho at Gothamtide! The Celebratory Event Guide and History of Christmas in New York City.

A New York Christmas Ho-ho-ho at Gothamtide will enlighten your holiday. It features many photos and descriptions of Christmas in New York City and is guaranteed to educate and make you merry. Use it as your walking tour guide to discovery of landmarks where many of the Christmas capital’s contributions occurred.

It is a guide not only for holiday revelers, but also features sights and activities worth seeing in New York City year round! It is a perfect gift for everyone of all ages interested in knowing more about New York City, Rockefeller Center, and how the influence of Washington Irving, Charles Dickens, Clement Clarke Moore, Thomas Nast kindled the popularity of Christmas worldwide.

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