Popular Lectures

Here are the popular lectures that I give throughout various times of the year. They focus on the history and architecture of the Greater New York City area.
Gothamtide- New York’s Contributions to Creating the Victorian Christmas”
Gothamtide describes secular and universal holiday traditions that started in New York in the 19th century and continue to impact modern culture.  The development of urbanism, transportation and print media further the contributions of Washington Irving, John Pintard, Clement Clarke Moore and Thomas Nast.  Also, affecting holiday celebrations were department stores, cards, gifts, music, charity, Santa Claus, the tree and festal family activities.  Current Gothamtide happenings in the metropolitan area are also featured.


Twentieth Century Christmas – Gothamtide – Enrichment, Enlightenment and Charitable Endeavors”.  This shows different Christmas celebrations around the country from decorated boat parades in Florida to California, lights in Baltimore and Austin.  The history of Christmas observances in the White House is illuminating.


New Jersey’s Historic Houses – A Guide to Homes Open to the Public”  Based on Sibyl’s book of the same title this lecture will awaken one ‘s interest in the fascinating history of landmark houses in the “Garden State”.